At Kingswood, we offer a classically based curriculum rooted in the Catholic faith. Our low student-teacher ratio (about 10 to 1) allows for in-depth instruction and individualized attention. Our curriculum not only encourages our students to master the basics in language arts, mathematics, and the sciences, but also exposes the students to the great works and minds in history, to literary classics, to the forebears of our Faith, and to enduring works of art. Our strong curriculum has resulted in standardized test scores well above the national average at all grade levels. We also have seen an admirable dedication to service among many of our graduates. Kingswood’s curriculum, small class size, and outstanding faculty provide an environment that allows our students to excel. Our goal is to help each child reach his or her fullest potential. This is an endeavor that requires us to work closely with the parents, the primary educators of their children.