Costello Jewelry Company was founded in 1979 by Joe Costello. At the age of 19, Joe was selling gold chains at home parties. Since, Costello Jewelry Company has expanded to two locations, with a multi-million dollar inventory. While doing research on retail jewelers, Joe found stores were either carrying poor quality merchandise and used clever marketing to profit. Joe knew that was NOT what he wanted to be. He also found very fine stores, but their pricing was staggering. Joe then set out to carry the finest jewelry but priced fairly. Costello Jewelry Company houses a staff of seasoned craftsmen, GIA graduate Gemologists, and client service associates who are tenured, knowledgeable, sincere, and most of all, trained to worry about the customer and not the sale. Costello Jewelry Company has won numerous "BEST OF" awards. What is ironic is Costello NEVER solicited their customers to "vote" for them. This is the ultimate testimony to the relationships Costello has built spanning five decades of business. Joe's main mantra is that Costello Jewelry Company is a "real" jeweler. By that Joe means Costello Jewelry Company has full time craftsmen and gemologists and does an array of services. Joe states that " Anybody can buy jewelry from a manufacturer, change the price tag, and call themselves a jeweler". A real jewelry store is what you will experience when you come into Costello Jewelry Company, along with warm smiles and a hot cup of coffee if you so choose!

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